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An exclusive 3 video tutorials, three painting projects, three traces to print, three practice sheets, and a .pdf list bonus!


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3 video tutorials

You need to know the basics to start painting with watercolor. We offer you a set of main techniques you will always use no matter what you paint. Not to worry, everything is demonstrated, explained and easy to perform!


3 painting projects

After learning basic watercolor techniques you will get the chance to put them into practice in actual paintings! We will paint week one an exciting Japanese mountain, week two a lovely succulent and week three an artistic Universe with confidence.

3 traces to print

You don’t have to worry about your drawing skills. If you are not confident sketching the painting project on your own, we offer a downloadable outline of each painting. Just print it directly on your watercolor paper or trace it.


3 practice sheets

Ready to learn? We’ve got more for you!
We offer downloadable practice sheets to perform each exercise from the Watercolor Crate. You can save your practice sheets in a folder and refer to them any time you need support.


Join the newsletter and get access to the watercolor crate!

An exclusive content area with video-exercises and watercolor painting tutorials, downloadable practice sheets and outlines of paintings.