Want to paint 3 really cool watercolor projects?

An exclusive 3 weeks, 3 video tutorials, 3 painting projects, 3 traces to print, 3 practice sheets, and a .pdf list bonus!

That's us


A multicultural couple so in love with arts that they decided to team up and work toward making a full living with it. Yay!

Yana is a professional watercolor artist with about 10 years of experience behind her back. She’s tried different techniques and approaches to watercolor. She hosted weekly workshops in Thailand, organized classes and art events in different countries of Asia and Europe, and also teaches watercolor online.

Outside of painting Yana play the piano, practice ashtanga yoga, train CrossFit with Lesly and love long walks in nature.

photo_2021-04-23 18.02.46

Lesly has been a graphic & web designer for 20 years. As an artist, he uses watercolors, acrylic, and gouache. He is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of this blog and their online watercolor academy.

Lesly practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu (purple belt, because it matters ^^), do some yoga sometimes with Yana when he is not too lazy. Crossfit & Kettlebell workout is his favorite and to relax going on true hikes for days lost in nature.

Both Yana and Lesly are self though artists. Originally Yana comes from journalism and Lesly from psychology.

They are full-time travelers usually spending six months in Europe during summer and six months in Southeast Asia during winter.

Yana on a motobike in Vietnam
Yana & Lesly Studio

Their art studio is based in Kyiv, Ukraine where Yana is originally from, and where they are based most of the time during summer with the occasional month or two in Bordeaux, France where Lesly is from.

They started working on their online watercolor academy in 2019 and launched this blog in 2020 with the ultimate goal of doing this full time.

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