Want to paint 3 really cool watercolor projects?

An exclusive 3 weeks, 3 video tutorials, 3 painting projects, 3 traces to print, 3 practice sheets, and a .pdf list bonus!

Lesly & Yana

Hey, we are Lesly & Yana

Two location independent artists, from France & Ukraine, on a journey of creating an online watercolor painting academy.

Yana is a professional watercolor artist with about 10 years of experience behind her back. She has been teaching online and offline for years now and tried different approaches to watercolor.

Lesly is a (former) graphic designer and a digital artist. He is passionate about all and any type of hand-craft. He is also responsible for all the web and technicals parts of the blog.

Learn Painting!

Learn online at your own pace

Regardless of your level (total beginners are welcome), our courses are packed with in-depth practical training and classes on all aspects of watercolor painting.

Join the academy today and access all our content, 20 courses with 192 lessons & new classes every month.

Let's hang on Youtube

Join us on YouTube where we publish our funny videos, tutorials, podcasts, and all sorts of experiments. If you like art, travel & entrepreneurship, follow our channel and help us grow :).