watercolor iris

Paint a watercolor iris flower step by step

You love watercolor flower so much so here is another tutorial!

Watercolor Watermelons FInal

Watercolor watermelon: Paint juicy slices step by step

We all love it, watermelon is the new watercolors star!

Watercolor Flowers Final Result

Watercolor flowers: How to paint a pink rose step by step for beginners

Follow this simple step by step tutorial for beginner

Is watercolor painting difficult? 1

Is watercolor painting difficult?

The short answer to this question is no, it’s not, so let’s dig deeper!

50 Watercolor painting ideas in 2020 2

50 Watercolor painting ideas in 2020

From birds, leaves, galaxy, letters, butterfly, fox, mountains and more: Boost your inspiration with this 2019 selection of watercolor painting ideas!

Yana and Lesly in Bordeaux, France

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Yana and Lesly are both passionate about art in many different forms. Yana is a professional watercolor artist and Lesly is a skilled graphic designer and a digital artist. Together they are full-time travelers and founders of Learn Watercolors Academy.

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